MasterSet Platform
What is a Masterset?
MasterSet is a service that pays users who keep their Tokens in their wallets.
The service is powered by Waves. 0.53 Waves keeps the MasterSet alive for a whole month.
During all this time, the MasterSet monitors the Waves address to which it is associated and if it finds the number of tokens defined as collateral, it pays the user with rewards of that token.
There is no need to move your tokens. The tokens remain happy in your wallet and are not blocked.
You are also free to use your own tokens if you need them but you must be careful not to fall below the required collateral threshold. If you do it, the MasterSet stops generating rewards, but it doesn't stop working. Throughout the month the Masterset continues to monitor the address. As soon as the quantity required for the collateral returns to the wallet, the MasterSet starts to generate rewards.

Rewards percentages vary based on the number of MasterSets created. The more MasterSets are created, the greater the rewards percentage received.
The first MasterSet generates 10% per year on a daily basis. The second generates 20%, the third 30% and so on up to the eleventh MasterSet which generates 110%. In addition to this limit, all subsequent MasterSets get 110% per year.

This is the rewards planning defined by the standard algorithm and used by default by the platform.
In reality, the algorithm that defines rewards percentages can be changed.
In fact, there is the possibility of activating particular algorithms that follow different generation rules.

Rewards are received every day. This regardless of the number of MasterSets owned by the user or managed by the entire platform.
At the end of the one month period, if there are sufficient funds of Waves, the MasterSet is automatically renewed for another month. Otherwise it goes off-line.

The MasterSets are therefore created in the form of a column, stacked like blocks that rest on top of each other.
The higher the level in which the MasterSet is located, the greater the percentage of rewards it generates.
Given the particular structure adopted, the MasterSets can only be eliminated following the order from the highest to the lowest.
It is not possible to delete MasterSets that are on intermediate floors because their removal would bring down the MasterSets above.
The MasterSet management platform is very simple and really safe.

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